Angiogenesis inhibitors for cancer therapy

There is a new page over at the always excellent Mayo Clinic website about angiogenesis inhibitors and their possible use as cancer therapy. There was considerable excitement about angiogenesis inhibitors back in the late 1990s. This excitement faded somewhat when early tests did not produce the kind of miracle results people were hoping for. But there is still research going on in this area, and the antiangiogenesis drug Avastin has been in use for a couple years now.

The Mayo Clinic site says:

Researchers hope a better understanding of the angiogenesis process will help them target treatments to different cancers. One day a treatment could be devised for you based on the growth factors your cancer uses to cause angiogenesis. A specific combination of angiogenesis inhibitors, possibly combined with chemotherapy, could be used to stop your cancer from growing.

Very interesting stuff.