Mesothelioma blood test?

The biggest reasons for the high death rates among mesothelioma sufferers is the fact that the disease is extremely aggressive but also it shows no real outward signs until it gets into the later stages. Because mesothelioma symptoms don’t outwardly appear for up to fifty years, diagnosis didn’t happen until the disease was already to …

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Mesothelioma can be an extremely difficult strain of cancer to treat. It is resistant to most know treatments. It progresses quickly in its spread throughout the body, possibly because of its developmental proximity to the bloodstream, and it is frequently not diagnosed until it is in its later stages. This last is due to a …

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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is one of three standard treatments for mesothelioma. The others are surgery and chemotherapy. All three are used for both curative and palliative procedures. Although none of these treatments can cure the disease, they can be used to control its spread. Used together in a multiphasic approach, they can effectively slow its development …

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