October 2007

Dana Corp agrees to asbestos settlement

The Associated Press reports that Chapter 11 embattled Dana Corp has filed papers in bankruptcy court. They are setting aside $2 million for asbestos claims resolution without litigation. Dana has received 150,000 claims of which 7 percent allege mesothelioma or another form of cancer.

American Council on Science and Health doubts

The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) released a report claiming asbestos isn’t all that bad this week. Pretty lame. ACSH is well known as a biased think tank beholden to Washington conservatives. In the words of Sourcewatch, the organization “it takes a generally apologetic stance regarding virtually every other health and environmental hazard …

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Mesothelioma Month?

Via the National Health Information Center, we see October is both National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Healthy Lung Month. There is no week or month for mesothelioma because it is too rare, but the combination of a cancer and a lung month in October seem like some sort of sign.