The Symptoms Of Mesothelioma

In its early stages of development, mesothelioma really has no symptoms. People don’t feel sick or have anything obvious going on that they would pick up on and be able to address. However, that doesn’t mean the disease isn’t developing. When the mesothelioma tumors get large enough, chest pain and shortness of breath will start… Continue reading The Symptoms Of Mesothelioma

The Dangers of Asbestos

The industrial revolution popularized asbestos as people sought ways to make buildings and products less susceptible to fire and electrical damage. The fire, chemical, and electrical resistant properties of asbestos had been known since the times of ancient Greece, but it wasn’t until the early 1900s that its use became widespread. Asbestos is a common,… Continue reading The Dangers of Asbestos

Common Occupational Lung and Respiratory Diseases Defined

Exposure to workplace irritants can lead to a vast array of diseases. These diseases may last only as long as the exposure continues or may be chronic conditions that last a lifetime. Certain lung and respiratory illnesses that are caused by occupational exposure to chemicals, dangerous fibers or other substances can cause fatal diseases that… Continue reading Common Occupational Lung and Respiratory Diseases Defined


In the United States occupational lung disease is the number one cause of on-the-job illness. This disease tops the list both in frequency and severity yet is, in almost every case, preventable. Over 20 percent of men worldwide have been exposed to some type of dangerous occupational irritant that may cause cancer and 5 to… Continue reading Statistics

Occupational diseases

Occupational diseases are those illnesses that occur due to exposure to irritants in the workplace. Occupational illnesses may occur instantaneously due to exposure to toxic chemicals or fumes or may take years to develop due to long-term exposure. Many individuals today are faced with respiratory disease such as adult asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)… Continue reading Occupational diseases

Particulate Air Pollution

Example: the smokestack of a coal plant ejects coal smoke into the air. Water vapor droplets in the clouds can pick up these smoke particles and drop them later in the form of acid rain. How is particulate air pollution measured? Due to the different sizes, shapes and chemical compositions of these microscopic particulate air… Continue reading Particulate Air Pollution

Heavy Cigarette Smoking On the Decline

A recent report from researchers at the University of California at San Diego has revealed that the habit of smoking at least one pack (20 cigarettes) a day has severely declined over the last fifty years. Investigators observed that the rate of decline was particularly noteworthy in California, where lung cancer rates also fell in… Continue reading Heavy Cigarette Smoking On the Decline

Massachusetts Helps Vets Quit Smoking

State health officials in Massachusetts are developing measures to help the state’s military veterans quit smoking.  The new campaign is the second effort launched since 2008 to help veterans with this growing health problem.  Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray released a statement praising “the brave men and women” in uniform and said that the campaign… Continue reading Massachusetts Helps Vets Quit Smoking

New Polymer Test Improves Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Says Experts

A new technique used for testing for the presence of lung cancer could potentially reduce diagnosis time from six months to four weeks, according to researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This dramatic improvement in diagnosis time comes courtesy of a three-dimensional testing technique known as volumetrics. The procedure involves taking… Continue reading New Polymer Test Improves Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Says Experts