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Generic pemetrexed in India

There is a report from India that an Indian company will soon introduce a generic version of pemetrexed under the brand name Pemnat. The intellectual property laws are different in India, so the company is expecting a generic to be legal at this point, while pemetrexed is still under patent in the United States. The story quotes a cost of Rs 25,500 per vial, which at current exchange rates works out to $563. This is only one-third the cost of the imported drug.

Asbestos hazards

Tax ruling will help out Australian mesothelioma victims

James Hardie, maker of building products and a long-time seller of asbestos goods, had agreed with the New South Wales government to establish a compensation fund for people with asbestos diseases. The questions was whether the fund would be considered a charity for tax purposes. If it was not, the tax man would take a share and result in less money available to victims, or else James Hardie would have to pay out more, which they claimed they couldn’t.

The tax authorities have decided the compensation fund does could as a charity and will therefore be tax-exempt.

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Animal models of mesothelioma

This month’s Journal of Inhalation Technology has a review article on how animals have been invaluable in research on mesothelioma treatment. Scientists have induced pleural mesothelioma and peritoneal mesothelioma in rodents and then running a variety of mechanistic studies. They’ve looked at development of the disease from the time the fibers enter the body and they’ve looked genetric tendencies and their effects on the pathology.