Good news about Alimta

Eli Lilly released a press release last week reporting on data from experience of Alimta treatment of mesothelioma. Now that the medicine has been on the market and available to a large portion of patients for a couple years, there is good evidence that it helps extended life expectancies. Lilly has also applied for European approval of Alimta.

The end of the Blue Lady?

More on that French cruise liner, the Blue Lady. A high court in India finally gave permission for the ship to be dismantled. This ship has been roaming the seas looking for a resting place. The hazards posed by asbestos and other toxic materials have caused much concern. Bangladeshi authorities turned the ship away, and it finally pulled into the Alang yard in India a year ago. Environmentalists have been fighting efforts to break the ship down, but it looks like they have lost the legal battle.

More on the World Trade Center area cleanup

Almost 6 years after the terrorist attacks, lower Manhattan has recovered somewhat; Building 7 of the WTC was rebuilt, plans are underway for more buildings, and over 15,000 people have moved into the area in recent years. However, the legacy of asbestos remains. The Deutsche Bank was damaged back in Sept 2001 and has never been demolished, partly because of on-going concern about asbestos removal and other toxic materials. The building’s owner says it can’t be sealed until fire safety rules are agreed on and the building is stabilized, but the EPA has blocked the plan. Meanwhile two firefighters died in a conflagration at Deutsche Bank in August.