Quaker Chemical settlement

Quaker Chemical settled with an insurance company and agreed to pay part of the costs “in connection with asbestos bodily injury claims” according to the Associated Press. Part of the long shake-out of the tragic asbestos legacy.

Good news about Alimta

Eli Lilly released a press release last week reporting on data from experience of Alimta treatment of mesothelioma. Now that the medicine has been on the market and available to a large portion of patients for a couple years, there is good evidence that it helps extended life expectancies. Lilly has also applied for European… Continue reading Good news about Alimta

Two family members with mesothelioma

No details, but a report out of Britain about two “first degree” relatives being diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma at more or less the same time. Sad, but a too-often occurance. Asbestos is either in the home or is brought home by someone from the workplace.

The end of the Blue Lady?

More on that French cruise liner, the Blue Lady. A high court in India finally gave permission for the ship to be dismantled. This ship has been roaming the seas looking for a resting place. The hazards posed by asbestos and other toxic materials have caused much concern. Bangladeshi authorities turned the ship away, and… Continue reading The end of the Blue Lady?

More on the World Trade Center area cleanup

Almost 6 years after the terrorist attacks, lower Manhattan has recovered somewhat; Building 7 of the WTC was rebuilt, plans are underway for more buildings, and over 15,000 people have moved into the area in recent years. However, the legacy of asbestos remains. The Deutsche Bank was damaged back in Sept 2001 and has never… Continue reading More on the World Trade Center area cleanup