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Chemotherapy fog gets more attention

Yesterday’s New York Times had an article on chemotherapy fog – the intellectual deficit associated with chemotherapy. Memory loss and difficulty concentrating are well known as side effects. Communities of cancer patients are full of talk about the phenomena and the Journal of Biology reported that 80% of chemotherapy patients experience some sort of “chemo brain”.

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Conflict of interest among public health experts?

There’s always a temptation for regulators and policy-makers and their advisors to take money from the very interests they are regulating/overseeing/legislating. It recently came out that the epidemiologist Richard Doll, who famously established the link between smoking and cancer, was a paid consultant to the chemical industry, even when he was conducting a government study on the hazards of Agent Orange. He also worked for Newall, a British asbestos manufacturer.

There is so much money tied up in asbestos that we must always look at the motivations and backgrounds of anyone making statements about the facts.