Men Estimated to be 40 Percent More Likely to Die From Cancer

Overall, men are 40 percent more likely to die from cancer, according to a recent study. Additionally, men are 16 percent more likely to contract cancer in the first place. The study, which was initiated by Cancer Research UK, suggests alarmingly different expectations of cancer survival between men and women.When looking specifically at cancers that affect both men and women, males fared even worse. In such instances, Cancer Research UK estimates that men are 60 percent more likely to contract the cancer, and 70 percent more likely to die from it.

The study cites two factors that likely result in the higher cancer risks among men – unhealthy lifestyle choices and a reluctance to visit the doctor.

The dramatic results of the study were a surprise to the research team, which had expected to see similar mortality rates between the two sexes. Indeed, there is no known biological reason why men would die more frequently from cancer than women.

Experts say that the study is a strong indicator that men need to be made aware of the consequences of not taking care of their bodies. Through simple lifestyle changes, it is believed that half of all cancers could potentially be prevented.

Some of the manageable factors that contribute to increased cancer risk include smoking, high alcohol intake, unhealthy diet and excessive weight in the mid-section.

Perhaps the easiest lifestyle change for men to make is to simply visit the doctor on a regular basis. Even if cancer cannot be prevented, routine doctor visits may help catch the cancer in an early stage of development. When caught early, the chances for survival dramatically improve for most types of cancer.