Side Effects of Chemotherapy Drugs For Cancer Treatment

When a person is cancer-free and in good health, their cells grow, die and then divide and regenerate in a natural, controlled manner.  Cancer cells on the other hand, tend to divide at an uncontrolled rate and reproduce rapidly. Chemotherapy drugs are used to attack cancer cells and keep them from multiplying uncontrollably.  
The chemotherapy drugs are transported through the blood and eventually access the cancer cells. The problem with chemotherapy drugs is that when they attack cancer cells, they can also attack the healthy cells. In most cases, the healthy cells can survive, but sometimes the attack on the healthy cells results in side effects. For the most part, the side effects are only temporary and last as long as the length of the chemotherapy drug treatment. 
The type of chemotherapy side effects can vary based on the type of cancer the patient is diagnosed with, the type of chemotherapy drugs that are used for treatment, and how the patient’s body reacts to the drugs.