The Development Of Mesothelioma In The Lungs

Mesothelioma can develop in several places in the body, but it’s most often seen in the lungs. That’s what most people think of when they hear about mesothelioma – lung cancer. Asbestos fibers get into the lungs through inhalation, and they irritate the lining. Eventually, over the course of 20 to 50 years, the asbestos fibers cause enough of a problem in the lungs that mesothelioma tumors start to grow. These tumors are small at first, but they can develop quickly and as they get larger they’ll start to cause symptoms, like shortness of breath and chest pain. As the disease advances, people can also have nausea, weight loss, and fatigue. By then, most people have gone to their doctors because they’re concerned about feeling bad and they aren’t getting any better.

The mesothelioma tumors will continue to grow rapidly if they aren’t treated, and most people have surgery after their diagnosis. Then, they’re generally treated with radiation or chemotherapy, and sometimes both. Gene therapy is being tried, as well, and so are some other kinds of clinical trials. In addition, more and more people are becoming interested in holistic options. These include hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, massage, meditation, prayer, and similar choices. Not everyone feels that these things work well, but for people who’re interested in them they can boost immune response, lower pain, and help relieve stress and anxiety. All of those things are valuable for anyone who’s battling mesothelioma or another serious disease.