B-reader consistency?

Impact Analysis blog talks about the integrity of B Readers as expert witnesses in occupational health court cases. NIOSH B Reader approval is granted to physicians who demonstrate proficiency in the classification of chest radiographs for the pneumoconioses using the International Labour Office (ILO) Classification System. Mesothelioma Aid’s write-up on B-readers is here. This is […]

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Outsourcing death?

The public health blog Effect Measure has a post on the difference in asbestos use between the developed countries and the developing countries. Apparently, in the 1980s the Canadian government actively sought new markets for asbestos in the face of declining use in the US and Europe. Of course, the reason for the declining use

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Overall cancer rates down. Mesothelioma still trending up.

The number of cancer deaths in the United States dropped slightly in 2003, the first such decline since 1930. Good news, attributed to cutbacks in smoking, better nutrition, better treatment. Unfortunately, mesothelioma is still an intractable form of cancer. And the numbers of mesothelioma patients, although small compared to all cancer patients, is slowly buy

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New software from OSHA

OSHA recognizes that an estimated 1.3 million employees in construction and general industry face significant asbestos exposure on the job. Heaviest exposures occur in the construction industry, particularly during the removal of asbestos during renovation or demolition. The employers have an obligation to provide a safe work environment and OSHA has released a software package

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National Asbestos Exposure Review

The federal government’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry conducted a review of vermiculite from the now notorious Libby Montana mine. This review, which they called the National Asbestos Exposure Review, is available on the web here: http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/asbestos/sites/national_map/ Vermiculite is a mineral which was used for many things, and most vermiculite does not pose

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